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SPAVC - Portuguese Stroke society is a non profit organization dedicated to improve prevention, reduce mortality, morbidity and handicap due to stroke as well as to promote research and education, trough the creation of action and support plans, identifying the most effective intervention levels, thus contributing to health improvement in Portugal.

It was created in 2005, March 8th, by a group of former members of the Portuguese Society of Neurology Stroke Study Group. The later was constituted in 1995 by a group of neurologists with the intention to congregate, inside of the Portuguese Society of Neurology, people with a special interest in stroke. However, the Group always kept opening to receive medical members of other specialties and other groups of health professionals. After 10 years of existence the Group understood to be the moment to evolve in a more including and ambitious project, thus having given place to the creation of the SPAVC – Portuguese Stroke Society.