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According to Article 1 of the Rules of Procedure of the Portuguese Stroke Society (SPAVC), SPAVC is responsible for creating and promoting Work Groups (WG) for studying and solving problems specifically related to cerebrovascular disease.



These regulations aim to establish uniform procedures regarding the creation, organisation, competences, and operation of SPAVC's Work Groups.


Work Group Creation

A WG may be created by the Board of Directors either by own initiative or after a suggestion by members. The creation of a WG shall be announced to the members in the SPAVC's administrative meetings and the official website of SPAVC.

Suggestions for the creation of a WG shall be presented and discussed with the members at the SPAVC's meetings. In case the creation of a WG is suggested by associates, its rationale and purposes shall be communicated to the Board of Directors of SPAVC one month before its discussion in an SPAVC's meeting.

In especial urgent situations, the Board of Directors of SPAVC may create a WG without previously presenting it to the members.



Work Group Cessation

The Board of Directors of SPAVC may cease a WG either because of considering that the activity for which it had been created has terminated or after a suggestion by the WG itself.




Work Groups are responsible for:

1. Developing a plan of activities that shall be submitted for approval to the Board of Directors of SPAVC during January.

2. Promoting the participation of members in their activities.

3. Presenting biannually a report of the ongoing activities to the Board of Directors of SPAVC. 

4. Presenting the evolution of the developed activities to the members at the Fall Meeting.




1. For each Work Group, a coordinator shall be nominated. The coordinator shall be responsible for promoting the WG and will be the interlocutor with the Board of Directors.

2. WG are composed of members interested in the corresponding activities, with a minimum of 3 members.

3. The WG may, at any time, add new elements that are not members of SPAVC, as long as their participation is duly justified and they previously consult the Board of Directors.



Each WG shall meet at the beginning of each year to establish their goals and prepare their plan of activities, and at the middle and end of the year to conduct the plan of activities.